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  • This is a very exciting flower to paint, lots of lovely deep oranges and pinks to mix up. Be brave and give this project a go, even if you don't paint the whole flower and just a petal or two, it will familiarise you with mixing strong colour and jumping the lights, it's addictive.
    We use the wet in wet and fine brushes strokes to build up shape and colour, we also use masking fluid, practice applying the fluid on some scrap paper so that you get the feel of the speed at which it is applied.x

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I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying your tutorials. They are beautifully presented, your demonstrations are very clearly explained and very easy to follow. Thank you. M. E.

I absolutely love the White Lily tutorial and this painting is stunning! I’m glad you are finding the time to paint along with all the other things you have on your plate. You are doing a very good job not only with the tutorials but the other production, post-production and member care. It is a huge undertaking. I applaud you! LD2014

I would like to say that I have painted in watercolour for many years and find you so inspirational. Your paintings are always so full of style and grace and simply stunning. SR 2014

Dear Billy, I just wanted to write and tell you how much I am enjoying the online tutorial series. I am totally mesmerized while I watch and listen to you teach. I am learning soooooo much. Just finished viewing the latest lesson on the Snowdrop. Now I just need to put some time into painting!!! CT 2014

Hi Billy, enjoying your tutorials. I am very new to botanical painting so am finding your tutorials a great help. I have invested in three of your brushes and just bought a new one this month. The Pashley Manor video was a delight."MC 2014

I have just watched the rose DVD. It is TERRIFIC!! We both enjoyed it so much. you really are so naturally you in front of the camera and it puts the watcher totally at their ease, making it so much easier to hear and learn.J.M 2014 The websites are up and running and very easy to use. Many, many CONGRATULATIONS it all looks EXCELLENT.

Hello Billy,I want to thank you for all your wonderful you tube clips and look forward to your online course. It will be so exciting to painting with you. (you are my idol in the watercolour world) I want to thank you for your wonderful start to the online course! S.R 2014

Thank you for the card tutorial on mistletoe. Your work is inspiring, I loved the quin. gold touch and who would have thought silver leaf would give that dramatic lift. D.C 2014

I have been watching the tutorial on the Hollyhock off and on the last couple of days. I LOVE IT! I have photographed several of my own Hollyhocks' and after some practice, I hope to adapt the techniques which you demonstrate and replicate (with watercolour) some of my flowers.Watching your DVD was like therapy -- it was so relaxing and refreshing. Your painting instruction via book/DVD has been a great blessing to me. Thank you again. C from Canada 2014

Billy, I've watched all of the camellia tutorial now and I am absolutely amazed at the time and effort you have put into making such an excellent video. There is nothing else on the market to match it - it's fabulous!

Thank you Billy! I'm just excited. Your instruction is so perfect.

I am so happy with the on-line tutorials and I love being able to watch you in action! You are such a fantastic artist!

Hi Billy, just watched your Camilla tutorial ...wow I can't wait to have a go, I have a camellia in my garden, so let's see what I can do. Thank you Billy for such excellent tuition. Kind regards V L

I've learned a lot from your videos and books and am a big fan.

Billy's work is so inspirational and I'm looking forward to visiting the site again.

Dear Billy, I have just watched all of the free tutorials and I would just like to say how impressed I am with the videos and the content, the subject matter is superb and the camera work excellent, really well done and thank you so much. P



New Student Gallery

New Student Gallery

Exciting news! The Billy Showell Online Tutorials Student's Gallery is now up and running and ready to view by all. All subscribers are able to put their work forward. It's a chance to show us what you have achieved so far, all work inspired from the projects is welcome and all levels are encouraged to send us images of their work.  Billy will give some feedback and it's a chance to include us in your journey. You can submit pictures of your work to us by emailing them to the following address:  paintings@subscribe.billyshowell.com  The new collection of students work is so good but a lot of the pictures are arriving too small to appreciate, so please don’t be shy and send the work in jpeg files no smaller than 270KB. I hope you enjoy seeing the new arrivals as much as we have.

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